Do you have a community event, a birthday party, English class studying a play, a drama class preparing to do a play or a caravan park full of kids in need of entertainment? Do you want a child-friendly activity at a community market or professional development for your team? We can help. Below are a list of activities and workshops that we can offer. The fees for these workshops enable us to offer more free activities for vulnerable children and families, so THANK YOU for looking at this page.

kids parties

craft and dress up party

Let us host! You rock up at the Institute Hall with kids, food and pressies and we’ll provide activities and space!

Choose from two of the following activities:

· Create monsters with air-dry clay

· Painting

· Theatre games

Then raid the costume room and perform a costume parade

2 hours on Saturdays

For up to 7 kids, ages 5 – 12 


One staff member with parental supervision $75

Two staff members without parental supervision $125

Additional kids are $5 each.

the gamers party

Let us host! You rock up at the Institute Hall with kids, food and pressies and we’ll provide activities and space!

Choose from two of the following activities:

· Tabletop Games

· Big screen computer games

· Virtual Reality

Saturdays for up to 7 kids, ages 7 – 17 (10 – 17 for VR)  

Two games experts $100. Additional kids are $5 each.


Silent disco

We rock up with up to 100 Silent Disco headsets and get the party started. A Silent Disco is a dance party where only the participants can hear the songs. Oh and it is mobile! This means we can activate your space, walking guests through your school, caravan park, town or market. We offer either Disco Classics (all ages) or Disney Dance Party (kids).

Ages: All Ages

One 45-minute dance party $250

Four 20-minute dance parties $400

Plus headset hire, dependent on how many are required: $10 for a set of 10.

messy sensory play

We rock up with drop sheets and tubs of STUFF to play in. STUFF can include slime, rainbow noodles, rice, sand, gelibaff and toys to play with in these textures. We’ll bring the fidget toys and squishy things and go to town with things to touch, hear, smell and squash. Sensory play has many proven benefits for children including developing both gross and fine motor skills, communication and cognitive skills and helping calm anxious or frustrated children. (link: The 5 Key Benefits Of Sensory Play | Creative Play (

Ages: 1-10

Groups size: up to 12 children with carers or teacher/supervisors

Two facilitators

1 hour session (plus set up and pack down): $200

2 x 45 minute sessions: $300

high school classes

Fleur will come to your school to teach a lesson. Did you know that Fleur is an award-winning educator? That’s right. When she was a lecturer at Monash University, lecturing in theatre and performance, she was awarded the Art’s Faculty’s top teaching award and was short-listed for the university-wide Above and Beyond award for her work during lockdown. So she knows a thing or two about teaching and a thing or 20 about teaching theatre and music theatre.

productions 101

Are your students doing a musical or performance this year? Fleur will come and do an introduction to what it means to create a show together. Topics covered in this class include:

  • Who does what in a production team?
  • Rehearsals vs developments
  • Rehearsal room etiquette
  • Communication with directors and note taking
  • Safety and care
  • The timeline of a production
  • What to expect from production week

This class is very interactive and involves a lot of group discussion and has a ‘no stupid’ questions rule. And teachers, it comes with the 22-page mini book that Fleur wrote for students covering this subject matter.

A double lesson.


approaching text

This workshop takes your class through a variety of textural analysis technique for actors. This is a fun, on-your-feet approach to understanding play scripts. The workshops can use a text your class is already working on or a text supplied by Fleur. Techniques used will include:

  • Paraphrasing
  • Moving with punctuation
  • Vocal Viewpoints
  • Power and proximity
  • Small Planet

There will be a discussion about the fact that not all techniques will suit every person and a quest to find techniques that work for different types of learners. This class can also be adapted to English classes who are reading a play. It will be very helpful for English students to understand scripts as living texts, written to be acted.

A double lesson.


physical theatre

This is exactly what it sounds like: we are up and moving, making theatre. We explore different methods of improvisation and how to layer text over physical movement. Techniques used include:

  • Viewpoints
  • Contact Improv
  • Finger following
  • Cane duets

A double lesson. PE uniforms are recommended.


primary school classes or clubs

take it apart club

Want to learn how to take apart and put back together electronics safely so that they still work afterwards.


With our tech wizard, Melanie also from Packin I.T. we can teach you how to pull apart and put back together everything including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc. 

Already know how to do it. Then we can teach you how to diagnose problems in a scientific way.

professional development and classes for adults

We love sharing our skills with our community. We are passionate about supporting teachers and educators but also have a special passion for working with adults with disabilities, experiencing long-term unemployment. Half of our staff came to the team via the disability employment route so we Get It. We offer professional development for teachers but also for those who experience social anxiety or isolation. Below are a few workshops we can run but feel free to look through our 2023 program as many of our classes and events for children can be translated into creative opportunities for adults to connect, relax and learn.

theatre games and play for primary or secondary school teachers

Add some of our favourite games to your collection and feel confident using theatre tools throughout your curriculum. Learn the benefits of embracing theatre and play in other subjects and some simple structures for how to put together a performance.

1.5 hrs

$250 for a group

anxiety toolkit

This is a workshop Fleur has taught for university students but have found it translates beautifully to adults returning to the workforce. This workshop is playful, interactive and culminates in having participants record messages to their future-selves, walking themselves through what to do next when they feel overwhelmed.

2 hours

$250 for a group

grant writing - online class

Can we chat to Alysha about this being an offering that she runs?