RYT Podcast is LIVE!

Welcome to Riverland Youth Theatre’s podcast – Listen Up Riverland
This season will showcase a collection of proof of concept pilots as well as stand alone episodes, written and performed by Riverland Youth Theatre participants

Riverland Youth Theatre’s podcast “RYT Podcast” is downloadable right now! Created and performed by Riverland Youth!

Each episode was created by a RYT participant in the Listen Up Riverland! project.

You can listen to Episode 1 by following either of the links below:


Episode 1 Dust Voice

This is the pilot of a proposed series called Dust Voice
We follow our protagonist as they return home to a country town

Dust Voice was written by Penn O’Brian and performed by Nikita Petricevic

http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/Karstenholymoly/40777 Ft: Javolenus

Sound Effects by: SoundEffectsFactory https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYIxR_86Ck0sCL26eVuumvQ

Additional Sound Effects by: Penn O’Brien

Episode 2 Behind the Wheel

This is the pilot of a proposed series called Behind the Wheel
This comedy follows two police officers and the adventures they have on patrol.

Dust Voice was written by Nikita Petricevic and performed by Angus Walters and Charlotte Lawrence

Sound Effects by: SoundEffectsFactory https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYIxR_86Ck0sCL26eV

Episode 3 Victoria

This is a standalone podcast episode of Victoria’s experience of living with a mental illness, as well as her reflections on personal faith.

The material presented in this podcast episode is not an attempt to give specific medical advice, including, without limitation, advice concerning the topic of mental health. Moreover, this information should not replace consultation with your doctor or other qualified mental health providers and/or specialists. If you believe you or another individual is suffering a mental health crisis or other medical emergency, contact your doctor immediately, seek medical attention immediately in an emergency room, or call your region specific emergency phone number.

Episode 4 The Road that goes on and on and on

This is the pilot of a proposed series called The Road that goes On and On and On
This is an absurdist comedy which follows to two characters driving down an endless road.
What are they driving from?
What are they driving towards?
What adventures will they have along the way?

The Road that goes On and On and One was written by Lilly Smith and performed by Nikita Petricevic and Penn O’Brian

Sound Effects by: SoundEffectsFactory https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYIxR_86Ck0sCL26eV

Episode 5 Foreign Ants

This is the pilot of a proposed improvised comedy series called Foreign Ants

Hosted by Bella Smith three participants are given a question and must come up with the most entertaining answer.

Music by: Jazz Club by Kriss which can be found here:

Riverland Youth Theatre is supported by Carclew, Loxton Waikerie Council, Renmark Paringa Council, and Berri Barmera Council

These projects were made possible by Country Arts SA through the Australian Government’s Regional Arts fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia.