Term 3 Special Events

The Tool Kits: tools for life

Wednesdays in Renmark, 4pm-6pm, FREE

July 26: Cooking Toolkit

Aug 2: Job Hunter Toolkit with headspace Berri

Aug 9: Caring with Boundaries with Relationships Australia

Aug 16: Anxiety Toolkit with headspace Berri

Aug 23: Sex Ed for Queer Teens Tool Kit with headspace Berri

Aug 30: TBC, but it will be something cool!

Sept 6: Caring for Self While Caring for Others with Carers SA

Sept 13: Party Safe Toolkit

Sept 20: Owning A Car Toolkit

Riverland Pride March August 25th

Hosted by headspace Berri HERO group

POTLUCK a night of raw, colourful stories and music

Wherever Riverland Pride is happening! Friday August 25, $10

Cantastoria: workshop & performance

with Sarah peters from Flinders University

Berri Saturday August 26, 2pm-4pm

How to stay afloat at university

with Sarah Peters from Flinders University

Berri Saturday August 26, 4.30pm-6pm

Father’s Day Craft Resin art, 3D Printing, cards & more

August 27 in Renmark 2pm-4pm for the dads

Pirate treasure hunt: for talk like a pirate day

Monash Playground Tuesday 19 Sept, 5pm-6.30pm

Master classes with our Guest Artist

Sept 20: Adults and teens, Berri 6pm-8pm

Sept 21: 6-12-year-olds, Renmark, 4.30pm-5.30pm

The judys an 18+ queer social group

August 25th Pride March + POTLUCK

Sept 22 A get together

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Term 3 Special Events

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