Produced by our favourite Queer Support Captain, Sage Wilde. P.O.T.LUCK Open Mic events are a legacy project carried over from Writers SA’s Ruby Award winning No Limits Young Regional Writers program. Sage approached Alysha Herrmann (who was the No Limits Statewide Manager) and pitched P.O.T.LUCK. With the support of Writers SA and the No Limits team, Sage was able to produce two P.O.T.LUCK events! 


From there, Sage produced two more events under their RYT role! Sage produced such a beautiful, inclusive, heartfelt, funny, and needed event in our regional community. Each a wonderful demonstration of creativity, diversity and bravery.


Hosted at Part of Things in Barmera, during the midst of COVID, lockdowns, limited capacity, and masking, P.O.T.LUCK came at such an incredible time. Riverlanders were ravenous to DO something and GO somewhere. Packed tightly into Part of Things’ Barefoot Playground, so many came to support Sage’s event!


Sage seeked out and commissioned three artists to deliver new works, Sage also performed and then opened the event to the audience with three of them stepping up to the mic. With approximately 20 audience members, Sage’s first P.O.T.LUCK was a stunning success.


Here are a few snapshots of the *vibe*.

“I’ve produced two P.O.T.LUCK’s this year. And their success was greatly due to the incredible support from Writer’s SA. I can’t wait to see what next year brings, and how P.O.T.LUCK (and I) will grow.”


See some reflection and more words from Sage on the Writers SA website from their 2022 events:


*please note: Sage is addressed as a name they no longer use in this reflection*


Hosted here at home in the Renmark Institute, following the second annual Riverland Pride March. Sage, again, killed the production and design of this event — they really brought magic into RYT’s huge (and often empty) hall, and packed it full with 50 audience members.


Sage commissioned four new pieces from local artists, invited friend Yoz Mensch to MC, Sage also performed themself and then opened the floor to the audience. There were so many incredible performances from visiting artists, and drag queens and RYT’s regular teens.


Hosted in the rustic and “outback” restaurant Mallee Fowl, was the third event of P.O.T.LUCK thanks to our partnership with Our Town Berri!


It’s so obvious to how much these open mic nights have meant, not only to Sage, but to the people who were commissioned to perform, all our brave friends that jumped up to the mic, and to everyone who joined us in the audience on those nights. These are the gatherings that made our gloomy years shine.


We’re so proud of Sage and consistently inspired by their passion, bravery and creativity. 

“What an incredible night! Thank you to our magical producer, Sage Wilde, Our Town Berri for supporting this, Mallee Fowl Restaurant – Berri SA for hosting us, host Nate Charles, artists Jamila Main, Miss Kandi and all the many, many folks who stepped up to our open mic.”


See more of Fleur’s reflection by clicking the button below:



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