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Every child and young person in South Australia deserves fun and creative opportunities no matter how small their town is.  With thanks to the Department for Human Services through Grants SA, Riverland Youth Theatre is bringing Home Turf to the Murray & Mallee in 2023. 

Contact alysha@ryt.org.au with any questions or suggestions. 


Community Yarnbombing Chat 


All ages 
This is a drop-in chat to explore a possible yarn-bombing project in/around Blanchetown. If you don’t know what yarnbombing is, come along and find out. 
We would love to meet people of all ages interested in being part of this as a shared community project – maybe you are just curious? maybe you are an experienced knitter or crocheter that could make things or teach others? maybe you’re keen to organise workshops or installation? maybe you could help document the project? 
Whatever skills and interest you have, please come and along and say hello! 


Blanchetown Monday 17th April | 3.30pm – 4.30pm 

Take It Apart Club 

Swan Reach | Blanchetown | Lameroo 

Ages: 5 – 13 

Learn how to become a tech wiz! From phones to large computers and everything in between! 
Pull them apart safely and put them back together again (without damage). 

With RYT Tech Wizard Melanie Donkin & helpers.  


Swan Reach Monday 17th April | 10.30am – 12pm 

Blanchetown Monday 17th April | 2pm – 3.30pm 

Lameroo Tuesday 18th April | 10am – 11.30am 

Filmmaking Workshop 

Pinnaroo | Lameroo | Waikerie | Morgan 

Ages: 13+  

Explore the art of filmmaking in this 4hour practical session with Laura Franklin and Nic Tubb. Bring your own devices and stretch what you already know or come along as a total beginner to listen and learn. Each session will be tailored to the skills and interests of participants (including opportunity to start working on submissions to short film festivals for those who want to).   

With Laura Franklin & Nic Tub. 


Pinnaroo Tuesday 18th April | 1pm – 5pm 

Lameroo Wednesday 19th April | 1pm – 5pm 

Waikerie Thursday 20th April | 1pm – 5pm 

Morgan Friday 21st April | 1pm – 5pm 

Creative Club 

Pinnaroo | Lameroo | Waikerie | Morgan 

Ages: 13+  

Bring along whatever you’re working on and drop-in for a chat and self-organised creativity. RYT’s Community & Digital Artist Alysha Herrmann will be available for mentoring chats, skills sharing and ideas. This is a drop-in session meaning you can stay as long or as little as you like.  

With Alysha Herrmann. 


Pinnaroo Tuesday 18th April | 2pm – 4pm 

Lameroo Wednesday 19th April | 2pm – 4pm 

Waikerie Thursday 20th April | 2pm – 4pm 

Morgan Friday 21st April 2pm – 4pm 

Pop-Up Projection 

Blanchetown | Pinnaroo | Lameroo | Waikerie | Morgan 

Ages: everyone! 

Come and learn more about the art of projection mapping and see artwork by local young people (and you!) projected BIG. Riverland projection artist Nic Tubb will be on hand to answer questions, brainstorm ideas and help see a blank wall in a new way.  

With Nic Tubb.  


Blanchetown Monday 17th April | from 6pm 

Pinnaroo Tuesday 18th April | from 6pm 

Lameroo Wednesday 19th April | from 6pm 

Waikerie Thursday 20th April | from 6pm 

Morgan Friday 21st April | from 7pm 

Guthrak: Behind the Scenes 

Morgan | Renmark 

Ages: 12+  

Join the creative team of Guthrak for a special behind the scenes experience. See the raw version of Guthrak in development as the creative team tests ideas, script and design ready for the world premiere of Guthrak at the dreamBIG Festival in May 2023. 
Guthrak is an interactive theatrical experience for ages 12+ inspired by the tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons. Guthrak combines live music, interactive storytelling, a luscious hand-crafted tabletop map and gameplay mechanics to question what it takes to heal our hurts and remake the future. Each performance is limited to 32 audience members and the story is based on the real-life experiences (and Dungeons and Dragons adventures) of Natalie Hockley. Guthrak explores racism, sexism, mental illness, growing up and the power of making our own choices. 
Take your place at the table, roll the dice and join Guthrak’s adventure. 

With Under the Microscope Theatre 


Morgan Friday 21st April | 6pm – 7pm 

Renmark Saturday 22nd April | 6pm – 7pm 

Artist bios 

Melanie Donkin is the IT Wizard of the Riverland Youth Theatre office and loves integrating tech into anything and everything. Melanie is the co-founder & co-owner of Packin I.T. and always experimenting with new ways to make technology fun and engaging. She also is a passionate member of the LGBTQIA+ community and wants to make RYT a fun and safe space for all children to be themselves. Melanie also comes up with new ideas all the time for things to do, so don’t be surprised if new things get added to the events list! 

Laura Franklin is a Media Arts teacher, award winning filmmaker and entrepreneur working in multiple creative fields. Laura has taught multimedia subjects within schools for several years and continues to mentor students in the art of filmmaking through projects and workshops. She is a co-producer for the Adelaide 48 Hour Film Project and runs a co-working space for filmmakers, which has provided opportunities for emerging and established filmmakers and artists to network and collaborate. Laura is also currently building her business in videography and photography which focuses on capturing moments and providing content for small businesses and creative industries. Insta: @laurafranklin.creative  

Nic Tubb is a digital artist, technician, performer, high school teacher and the co-creator of professionally produced and funded creative projects such as One One Fleurieu. He’s been taking it slower while co-parenting his now 8-year-old, but was a collaborator on two Crack Theatre Festival shows (Solo and Sing Me Your Sorrow), performed at multiple Adelaide Fringe Festivals, has created projection art for previous Renmark Rose Festival presentations and worked with Riverland Youth Theatre, Restless Dance Theatre and Riverland Special School leading the digital team on their project “The Memory Keeper”. He contributes his expertise to theatre, installations, digital projects and everything in between. Nic was the lead projection artist on 2020 project Letters of the Riverland, commissioned by the Berri Barmera Council, and has studied media at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment.  

Alysha Herrmann lives, loves and makes from regional South Australia. She makes fantasy stories, projection art, zines, performances, installations, experiences, presentations, poetry, digital exchanges and small moments of connection in all kinds of strange places. She was the recipient of the 2017 Arts South Australia Geoff Crowhurst Memorial Award, 2015 Australia Council Kirk Robson Award, and a 2021 Regional Arts Australia Fellow. She loves the colour yellow and has an annoying phobia of live birds.   

Insta: @lylyeeoftheriver 

Under The Microscope is an award-winning Adelaide-based theatre company that was established in 2017 by Matthew Briggs. Under the Microscope aims to: 

1. Educate emerging artists by providing them with mentorship opportunities. 

2. Experiment with artistic form & content by creating cross-disciplinary art. 

3. Engage curious audiences by introducing them to innovative & intimate theatrical spaces. 

Insta: @utmtheatre 


Home Turf to come in 2023: 

17th July – 21st July 

Props & special FX 

Temporary street art 

October dates TBC 

Secret Things! 


Home Turf January 2023 Summary 

Morgan | Blanchetown | Waikerie | Lameroo | Pinnaroo 

Ages: Teens & Tweens 

Cardboard Creatures with Mitch Hearn 

Learn how to draw monsters and design creature characters on paper, and then turn that design into a 3D cardboard monster! Master some character design tips and tricks to help create an original, fantastical creature. 

Zine-Making Hangout with Mitch & Alysha 

Draw, make and self-publish your own comics, drawings or poetry by learning how to make a Zine. Learn some comic basics, and then turn that comic (or whatever written or visual artform you’d like) into a Zine (self-published DIY book) that you can photocopy for your friends or family! 

Dungeons & Dragons with Mitch Hearn 

Ever wanted to learn how to play Dungeons & Dragons? This short campaign with Dungeon Master Mitch will walk you through the basics, so you can join in if you’re a seasoned explorer or a total beginner to the world of D&D. 

Artist bios  

Mitch Hearn is a queer animator, illustrator and avid snack eater living on Kaurna Country (Adelaide) who uses all kinds of mediums in his practice. He has made work for Adult Swim, CityMag and TED-Ed, and when he isn’t making art he enjoys Dungeons and Dragons and cheese flavoured foods.  

Insta: @mitchopgrapher 

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Home Turf

Every child and young person in South Australia deserves fun and creative opportunities no matter how small their town is.  With thanks to the Department


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