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Riverland Youth Theatre has been providing rewarding arts experiences for children and families, through music, dance, multimedia, drama, comedy, visual arts, literature, cinema and physical theatre for many years. With your help, we can continue to ensure access to the arts for all Riverlanders.


100% of your donation will support the area you select below. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible in Australia.


Your gift, no matter the size, will make a difference!


Major Sponsors 2023

Donate or Buy a Service!

Donating Money or a service keeps our organisation running.

Make a Donation - $...

Money goes a long way here! We have been able to put on massive, free events for our community with just a few hundred dollars. We never want money to be the reason that someone cannot get involved so, in addition to keeping our costs very low and offering plenty of free activities, we have often use donations to cover the costs of low-income families. Donate whatever you can and know that we are grateful and will use the money to help our community!

Buy Us a kids' book - $5

We love a story! We read them at the end of our pre-school classes and are always looking for more! We love truck and car stories, animal stories and food stories! Thanks for helping us buy good stories for our kiddos

Toys! - $10

Fidgets help our ADHD kids be present and calm in class! We've had a child carry a chair around for an entire class because he so badly needed something to do with his hands. So now we always have a good supply of squishy, spinney and clicky toys for kids like him. But they are well loved. They break, explode and even ooze goo so we need to replace them often. Donating to this fund sends us down to the toy shop to stock up! Thank you!

Pay for a Tutor - $35

Our tutors are paid $35 per hour. They are highly skilled artists, often with special interest in working with neurodiverse children with complex needs. In addition to bringing special skills to the table, guest artists and tutors help reduce the workload on our very busy core staff! Any class that Fleur isn't teaching is an extra hour for her to write grants or plan programs!

Cover the cost for a one-on-one class - $50

Group classes don't work for every child. We love being able to support children with complex needs through special sessions. In Renmark, we can cover this with our core staff but in more remote towns, we need a bit of extra help. We have children who are autistic, children with trauma, delayed speech and we believe strongly in No Child Left Behind. Your money will make something special, creative and empowering happen for a child in need.

Petrol for the RYT van - $100

You are buying us transport! The Riverland is a big place, and the public transport is almost non-existent! We often drive young people to or from classes and we travel to different towns to deliver workshops. You are keeping up on the road and, in doing so, making sure that no child goes without a lift!

Testimonials from the people that matter to us

Every week we hear from parents, kids and community members about the impact our programs are having. Sometimes we even remember to ask if we can write their feedback down and share it.

Jerrick, 10-years-old
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"It is fun and creative, with loving people there"
Rowan, 16-years-old
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"The highlight of my week"
Maggie, 12-years-old
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"We made friends and theatre! I've never done a play before and now I've done it and it was fun!"
Billie, 8-years-old
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"Three best days in the world"
Logan, 9-years-old
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"More yoyos please."
Gwen, volunteer
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"First day of volunteering at Riverland Youth Theatre. So good to have two ladies that care about making people's lives better. Thank you so much for a great day."