Welcome to Honeyshire! Honeyshire is a creative writing project being developed through Online Creative Club.


Participants in Term 2, 2022 voted on the ideas they wanted to develop and Honeyshire has grown out of that in 2023.


We are sharing a small sliver of behind the scenes content from Honeyshire here as the project evolves.


Text and images by Ella Rayner. 

Characters and Story

The village of Honeyshire is a calm village in the middle of nowhere, on the continent of Harpalion and the world of Briareus. Tucked away in the Tebaeus forest, there is very little disturbance. One day, a paper was stuck onto the council’s door. ‘Notice: Maxima Metrobius and Co. will possess the public properties of Tebaeus Forest and Darking Gorge as of the 1st of May. Any questions or concerns may be voiced on a conference on the 5th of May.’ Honeyshire residents were confused, as the forest was their lifesource. Brave friends Zelen, Mocha, Jag, Nova, and Arzo rose up to have their say on this destructive development. 


This story has been developed over three and a half terms (so far) with various activities to bring it to life. Things like character development, trope exploration, maps, drawings of the characters and their possessions and home, storytelling practice and many other things have brought around a detailed world with all its quirks and culture. Things like a café, psychic parlour, library and many more places have been fleshed out with many intricate details.

Zelen image_Ella




Zelen is a young journalist. He is a cow/human hybrid and has two cow legs and fluffy wrists, as well as fluffy, curly hair, horns, and ears. Zelen enjoys spending his time writing, journaling, sipping cups of coffee and watching the days go by. He is very shy and introverted, but appreciates the close-knit community of Honeyshire. His house is covered in all sorts of cozy literature: maps, poems, short stories, important dates, newspaper cutouts, and more. He has a pet pigeon too.






Nova is a bat/human hybrid. She enjoys studying and learning about psychology, and works as a fortune teller. Many have hypothesised that she has such accurate fortunes from the psychology, others brush it off as just luck, but no one knows how she does it. She has a purple themed home, and a little fortune telling tent/building in the main street of Honeyshire. Nova has very sensitive, large ears and long fangs. Some have mistaken her for a vampire! Her style mainly consists of alternative clothing, and lots of accessories. Nova occassionally makes incenses to sell at the Honeyshire markets.

Nova physic parlor

Welcome to the world of Honeyshire




Many tourists first turn into Honeyshire down Harpa Highway. As they drive down the windy main road, going past Honeyshire Park, they come across the Honeyshire markets. Every Sunday the markets are flooded with locals and tourists alike, some attracted to the gleaming jewels and trinkets while others lured in by sweet apples and fresh produce. It’s a busy spot, and its one of Honeyshire’s main attractions. As they continue down the main street, they see Nova’s Psychic Parlour. Famed for the mysteriously accurate predictions, this parlour is well-known by everyone in the village. After going past a few more shops, they may come across another one of the village’s main attractions: The Tebaeus Café. Known for unique flavours and a delicious menu, this is a hotspot in Honeyshire. As they turn down a different road they enter the residential side of the village. Interesting houses and cosy homes are featured here, some bold and some meek. Locals smile and wave at anyone going past, a fellow local or not. Honeyshire really is such a friendly place.