One day a team of queer, neurodivergent country teens picked up this 2000-year-old script and said, “we want to do this play because it is gay and chaotic.” And Fleur Kilpatrick, award-winning playwright and director said “are you sure? People get torn to pieces.” And they said “Mood.” 

So Dionysos has come to town. And you better party. Or else. 

People who get what we’re doing: 

“The work Riverland Youth Theatre makes is first class. (They) are creating innovative, ambitious programs that could make a major impact at a national level and has the potential to shift the conversation about youth arts in our Country.” Mik Frawley, Country Arts SA 


“I’ve never experienced young actors explode into a new text the way they did with Fleur’s writing.” Christian Leavesley, Arena Theatre 

We’re still trying to gather some funds to get this wonderful, chaotic, queer and violent show to Adelaide. If you’re as excited as we are about this modern take on The Bacchae, we would really appreciate any help in donating or even sharing our Go Fund Me around. 


A play written over 2000 years ago, directed by artistic director Fleur Kilpatrick. It is a violent play – originally written as a warning about what happens when you disobey the gods. Today it reads as a play about women and queer people acting out, taking up space and stepping outside of social norms. 


The Senior Ensemble have been rehearsing with director, Fleur, and assisting director, Li Ingle at the Berri Senior Citizens Hall (almost) every week since July! Every Tuesday, the team get together and start their sessions with a check-in to talk about some positive things happening in their lives. They jump straight into some warmup exercises, each exercise helping them  

The ensemble consists of: 

  • Owen – Dionysus
  • Rowen – Pentheus
  • Axel – God of Technology
  • Levi – God of Found Family
  • Zelda – God of Underground Music
  • Arlo – God of Puberty
  • Anni – God of Fanfiction
  • Sophie – God of Invisible Disability
  • Timu – God of Ibuprofen


“When I say you need to be there to understand, I hope you take that invite seriously. A lot more dog worshiping than expected. Hilarious and wonderful and such a joy to watch this performance come to life.” -Kirste, RYT Admin Officer


As part of the Adelaide Fringe, The Bacchae will be performed at the Chaffey Theatre (March 2) and the Holden Street Theatres (March 12 to 16)

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