April school Holidays


Music and Movement

Games, songs, dance & stories.

Mondays April 17 & 24, 9am, Renmark Institute

Tuesdays April 18 & 25, 10am, Main St Pavillion, Vaughan Terrace, Berri

No bookings required.


Play it Loud!

Come and Try musical instruments with music teacher Alistair Ward!

Sessions are free but bookings are required

Play it loud

Renmark Institute, Tuesday April 18

Play it Loud

Waikerie Lutheran Primary School, Wednesday April 19

Home Turf: Take it apart club

Break and Re-Make Technology with Packin I.T.

Sessions are free but bookings are required

Home Turf: Take it apart club

Swan Reach School Gym, April 17,

Home Turf: Take it apart club

Blanchetown Community Hall, April 17,

Home Turf: Take it apart club

Lameroo Community Library, April 18,


3rd Place

Just a chill hang out. Play games. Swap memes or just chat with your friends.

April 17, 19, 2pm-6pm, Renmark Institute

Free, Bookings are not required

Rainbow Awards

What does it mean to feel safe at school? How might teachers proactively work to create classrooms that are celebrate difference? Create awards, badges and ridiculous trophies to showcase kindness and advocacy in your school with guest artists Calamity Tash and Sage Wilde.

Renmark Institute: April 24-26, 10am-4pm

Home Turf: Film making workshops

Explore the art of filmmaking in this 4hour practical session with Laura Franklin and Nic Tubb. Bring your own devices and stretch what you already know or come along as a total beginner to listen and learn. Each session will be tailored to the skills and interests of participants (including opportunity to start working on submissions to short film festivals for those who want to).

Home Turf: Film making workshops

Pinnaroo Hub: April 18

Home Turf: Film making workshops

Lameroo Library: April 19

Home Turf: Film making workshops

Waikerie Library: April 20

Home Turf: Film making workshops

Morgan: April 21

Home Turf: Creative club

Home Turf: Creative club

Pinnaroo Hub: April 18

Home Turf: Creative club

Lameroo library: April 19

Home Turf: Creative club

Waikerie library: April 20

Home Turf: Creative club

Morgan Activity centre: April 21

You Perform

Obsession Party at Mallee Fowl

You know that thing that makes you light up? Lego or HPC University or a tv show that’s been off the air for 25 years? Here is your chance to tell everyone about it. Learn what makes our weird and wonderful brains glow and celebrate obsession.

Oh and THERE’S A TWIST: some participants will have workshopped their presentations with guest artist Mary Angely during the afternoon and some will be handed a slide show they have never seen before and present on something they know NOTHING ABOUT!

Workshop Thursday April 20, 1pm-5pm at Berri Townhall

Performance Thursday April 20, 7pm at Mallee Fowl

Book for the performance via Mallee Fowl: 0439 340 664

Musical Cabaret

Do you love to sing, dance or tell stories? Are you looking for a way to push yourself in the school holidays or try something new?

The Musical Cabaret Night, hosted by Elise Lambert, a year 11 student at Berri Regional Secondary Collage for her AIF project, might be the project for you.

The aim of this project is to create a night that brings the community together for a fun night where performers of all ages (yes, that includes you, grown ups) can share their musical talent.

This event will be held in the RYT building on Friday the 28th of April.

If you’re a passionate performer, please complete the following questionnaire and tell Elise a bit about you.


If you have any questions, you can reach Elise at elise.lambert255@schools.sa.edu.au

We are proud to be supporting Elise as an emerging producer and artist and look forward to seeing her vision come to life!

Rehearsals Thursday April 27

Performance Friday April 28 at 6pm

Home Turf: Pop-up Projection

Come and learn more about the art of projection mapping and see artwork by local young people (and you!) projected BIG. Riverland projection artist Nic Tubb will be on hand to answer questions, brainstorm ideas and help see a blank wall in a new way.

Home Turf: Pop-up Projection

April 17 Blanchetown, 6pm

Home Turf: Pop-up Projection

April 18 Pinnaroo Hub, 6pm

Home Turf: Pop-up Projection

April 19 Lameroo Library, 6pm

Home Turf: Pop-up Projection

April 20 Waikerie Library, 6pm

Home Turf: Pop-up Projection

April 21 Morgan Youth Hub, 7pm


Grief Lightning: A satire in 78 Slides

Reviews for Grief Lightning

“A captivating hour that reflects commitment to fandom culture in comedic glory.” ★★★★★ – On The Record

“Every now and again, a show tumbles out … as the start of something much, much bigger. This is one of those shows.” ★★★★★ – Stage Whispers

Part-theatre, part-standup, part-PowerPoint Presentation. One lecturer desperately tries to prove a popular Grease fan theory: that Sandy drowns in the opening beach sequence and the rest of the film is her coma fantasy.

Friday April 21, 8pm at Renmark Institute

For ages 16+

Behind the scenes with Guthrak

Join us for a work in progress showing and chat about the making of Guthrak! Guthrak is an interactive theatrical experience for ages 12+ inspired by the tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons. Guthrak combines live music, interactive storytelling, a luscious hand-crafted tabletop map and gameplay mechanics to question what it takes to heal our hurts and remake the future.

Behind the scenes with Guthrak

Morgan Sporting Complex, Friday April 216pm – 7pm

Click below to book


Behind the scenes with Guthrak

Renmark Institute, Saturday April 22, 6pm – 7pm

Click below to book


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April school Holidays

Home Turf

Home Turf is a special series of school holiday workshops in the outer Riverland, Mid Murray and Mallee during 2023. Every child and young person


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