Term 4 Special Events

Master classes our Artist in Residence

Dec 6: Teens and Adults, Renmark, 6pm-8pm

Dec 7: Song & Dance Club and Tweens, Barmera, 4:30pm-6pm

The judys an 18+ queer social group

Oct 20 Meet Up

Nov 17 Prom decorations and corsage making

Dec 15 Meet Up

Halloween for spooky teens Gore make up + scary movies

Oct 28: Barmera, Part of Things, 5pm-10pm

Alternative prom a night to remember for all the right reasons

Nov 18: Renmark, 6pm-11pm


POTLUCK A Night of raw, Colourful stories & Music

Location TBC, Friday November 4, $10

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Term 4 Special Events

Term 1 Weekly Classes

Monday Pre-School Music and Movement in Renmark Start your Monday right with song, dance, ribbons, bells and bear hunts. Bring your little people and a


Home Turf

Every child and young person in South Australia deserves fun and creative opportunities no matter how small their town is.  With thanks to the Department


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